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Montalba... Wild charm

Perched within these hills, the village of Montalba d'Amélie forms part of Amélie-les-Bains Palalda Montalba town and extends over a large area, covered in forests, located a few kilometers to the south of the South Catalonian border village.

The origin of the name Montalba came from the contraction of"Mont" (Mount in English) and "Alba", name given by the locals in the Middle Ages to the white poplar.

Accounting for the fact that the name Montalba was commonplace amongst several other towns and villages, the hamlet was successively named Montalba dels Banys, de Paracolls, de l'Església, then Montalba d'Amélie in order to avoid confusion.

A castle of significance bearing the name "Mondon" was erected there, constructed in the IX century by Oliba Cabreta of Besalú and of Cerdagne, grandson of Guifred el Pelut.

Over centuries, Montalba grew around the castle whilst in the other valley hamlet of Pagris can be found.

Montalba merged with Amélie-les-Bains Palalda on the 17th of November 1962, thus granting them its large wild and steep extend of land down to the Spanish border.

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