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Primitive vestiges

We know that the first people lived in caves these natural shelters bear the name of Balmes in Catalan and two of these balmes, situated on the territory of the nearby municipalities of Montbolo and Montferrer, are now known thanks to very interesting studies which were made by Amélien, M.Henri Baills



To the primitive population living in the country came to get involved the Iberians come from the central tray(plateau) of Asia.

This premature Roussillonnais divided into two nations: Cérétanais which settled down in Cerdagne and Sordons which settled down on the edges of” La Têt” and until “Haut Vallespir. These belligerent and brave people were only one of among those who lived in the méditérranéen coast to maintain its independence by fighting triumphantly against Volces in the IVth century before Christ.

And Romain

In their turn Romain did not delay noticing Sordons and wanted to use(get) them to prevent Annibal from crossing Pyrenees, when the famous general carthaginois decided to walk on Rome with his troops gone(taken) up on elephants by by-passing the méditérranéen pond.

But Sordons refused the Roman alliance, knowing maybe the fate(spell) which waited for the allies of Rome, and were not afraid of helping Carthaginian of their councils and of them means. It is however not very probable that the important wall of restraint of water of Mondony in the crossing of gorges - known under the name of waterfall of Annibal-facilitated the passage of its most famous elephants.


Find les blocs gravés Romains à Amélie-les-Bains Palalda


In the year 120 before Christ, Sordons was overcome in their turn by Rome and “Regio Sordonum” connected in the Gaule narbonnaise already reduced to Roman province.

This is when took place the invasions of the Teutons and the Cimbres which crossed the Alps, followed the edges of Méditérannée and ravaged our region hardly raised(found) from the war supported against legions. It was necessary Marius's genius and courage of its troops to annihilate the barbaric troops.

It is in this period when were built the first thermal baths by Romain (the year of Rome 633)


Fall of Roman Empire and big invasions. The kingdom of the Visigoths

In the fall of the Empire, our country knows the big invasions: Vandales, Suèves and Alains follow one another.
Finally, the Visigoths a vast kingdom, which extends over both hillsides of Pyrenees and which will have for capital Toledo. Our country takes then the name of Septimanie. They still possess our region two centuries after the victory of Vouillé gained by Clovis in 507.

To the Visigoths succeed the Saracens, guided by Zama in 719. The Muslim power becomes established there solidly; but in 741, Roussillonnais goes hunting themselves these foreigners and accept the domination of Pepin the Short. Charlemagne appreciating(estimating) the situation of our province on the border of kingdom, assert his authority on the country recently conquered by dividing him(it) into counties the government of which he gives to his(her) counts.
He so created the County of Roussillon, Cerdagne, Conflent and Vallespir. To repopulate these very proven counties by the invasions and the successive wars, he grants(tunes) privileges to those who come to fix it to these lands.


Arrival of the monk Castellanus

This is the way in the year 778 arrived coming from Spain, a small group of monks of the order of Saint Benoît, under the direction of Abbot Castellanus. There was the monk Amélius (in the predestined name), Bassulius, Eldesind and Théodosing as well as a priest Honnorius. We took back these names because it is curious to notice the homonymy of these first two monks -Castellanus and Amélius- with characters who thousand years later played an important role for the future of this municipality (Marshal de Castellane and Queen Amélie).



The history of the city presented here is for the main part pulled(fired) by the work " Amélie-les-Bains Palalda Montalba " (Maury Imprimeur, on 1983) the main contributor of which Mister André Bosch was.

This book is available on the sale in the Tourist office.


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