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Advices and equipment


Walking shoes

1 litre of water per person

1 sweater and a windcheater


Useful numbers

Firefighter: 18

Ambulance: 15

Police: 17

For the emergency calls in the European Union make the 112. A mobile phone can be used to reach 112 without first entering the PIN and even if the phone is not equipped with a SIM card. The 112 is available worldwide on mobile phone networks. In France, the 112 redirects to the numbers: 15, 17, 18, 115 and 119

Weather forecast: 08 92 68 35 50

Ecogîte de la Palette: 04 68 21 37 24





Avoid leaving alone and always tell someone before you go

inform others about the route you have selected and the length of your ride

Always stay hydrated (drink frequently)

Plan to bring food (fast sugars) if needed

Take a first aid kit

Respect the nature, don't light fires and avoid smoking

Do not gather plants or flowers

Wild camping is prohibited

Pay attention to the weather


NB. If you are sporty or expert the Roc de France and the Roc Saint-Sauveur are the two essential peaks to discover on Amélie-les-Bains Palalda.


Information’s on this site are provided as a guide only; The Tourist Office of Amélie-Les-Bains disclaims any responsibility in case of accident.


Hikes from Amélie-les-Bains Palalda


Hike 1: Chapel of Santa Engracia

Distance: 8.2 km

Duration: round trip 3H

Level: Medium

From the Tourist Office, continue along Avenue du Vallespir then turn to the right in the direction of the old military spa hospital. Take the footbridge and then take the concrete path next to the thermal spa (Chemin du fort). At the end of the path, keep climbing to the right side. Once on the road take to the left and you will see “la fontaine de la Madone” then bypassed the property by the right (along the fence). Upstairs cross the road and take to the right. The path climbs straight ahead (stay on the right side). After 3.5 km you’re arrived on the Chapel of Santa Engracia. You can go back by the same path.


Hike 2: The flag (le drapeau)

Distance : 4,7 km

Duration: round trip 1H35

Level: easy

From the Tourist Office, continue along Avenue du Vallespir then to the end of Avenue du Général De Gaulle. Then take the road that goes up behind the entrance to the Général de Gaulle car park (Chemin du Pastou). The path is a long climb with several intersections. Leave the principal climb to turn twice on the right side and follow the panel “Roc de la Campana / Le drapeau”. Careful, this part can be steep with 2 or 3 steps to cross. Once arrived on a beautiful panoramic view, choose the left option. After 2.5km you’re arrived at the flag. Go back by the same path, when you meet the intersection you’ve already saw when you climbed, take the direction of Amelie-Les-Bains by the same path.


Hike 3 : Montalba – Le roc saint Sauveur

Distance: 8 km

Duration: round trip 3H30

Level: difficult

Go by car until Montalba (8km of Amélie-Les-Bains by the road RD53). At Montalba take the GR10 path (red and white markers) in the direction of Moli Serradou. After half an hour of walk leave the GR10 path and take to the right in the direction of Roc Saint-Sauveur. The final part is steep, the Saint Sauveur guides your ascent You can access to the summit by a narrow path. Go back by the same path.