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ASFA Convention

The ASFA Convention is an association that aims to promote science fiction.


Next ASFA Convention on 11th and 12th April 2020 !

Spécial Heroic Fantasy



Guests Asfa Edition 2020:
Ross Mullan
English comedian, he played in Doctor Who, Le Choc des Titans (2010),

Game of Thrones...

He has a message for you


The Asfa Association aims to promote science fiction in all forms!

We invite all fans of Stargate, Star Wars, Star Trek, alien, Avatar, Game of Thrones and many other movies, series, books and universe to come together, to discuss their passion, creations, costumes! 

Association ASFA

What is the ASFA? Fans of Stargate, Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien, Game of Thrones, Avatar etc... Cosplayers to put the costume atmosphere of animations around the theme of the science-fiction of special guests!

All this in an amazing setting to Amélie-les-Bains Palalda!
The principle is simple, it lasts the time of a convention and it allows you to meet people who have the same passion as you.
Join this community.
Association ASFA


How to participate?

Keep informed on our website, our forum or our facebook page of the next date!
Everything will be indicated: day, time, place, content and duration.
Next Asfa Convention on 11th and 12th April 2020
Association ASFA


ASFA Website