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Carnival of Amélie-Les-Bains Palalda

The Carnival of Amélie-Les-Bains Palalda has very ancient origins difficult to determine very precisely. In any case, an article of the "mail de céret" of March 1888, 18 describes what it calls a parade.
22-23-29 february 2020

Carnaval d'Amélie-les-Bains Palalda





In the municipal archives, we have also found pictures of the 1900.'s celebrations. What is sure, at least, is that, since 1945, it has been held without discontinue and that it is Today considered one of the two most beautiful and popular of the Pyrénées-Orientales!

Carnaval d'Amélie-les-Bains Palalda


It is in any case one of the strangest where to the crazy days of madness and liesse succeeds a fascinating final all crying and beg...

Carnaval d'Amélie-les-Bains Palalda


Throughout February, these are highly flowery and aristocratic tanks, Dances and animations for young and old people that animate the city centre. Which is added to the very surprising and surprising parade of the « Grégoire améliens » in a very black evening populated by white extras who bury his majesty carnival by walking him in the streets of the city before burning it on the public square.

An unexpected date that seems to make us go back to time, from the holidays of the past...

The Carnival in Amélie-Les-Bains Palalda is also summer...

Origin of the Grégoires Améliens

Grégoire Ier, the great


When Pelagius II was taken away by the plague on February 590, 8, Gregorio was elected Pope to his defending body. Rome is devastated by the plague, threatened by famine; the ebro is overflowing; Gregorio preach to revive the courages, organizes formal prayers and processes in the singing of the litanies and brings wheat from Sicily; in April, in the course of a These processes, the expert angel appears at the top of the pier of information and gives the scabbard his bloody sword: the plague stops immediately and the pier d ' information is called Château Saint-Angel. He's the first pope monk. In Sainte-Sabine, he establish the great penance of penance at the threshold of Lent and probably introduces the tradition of ash Wednesday. It establishes the processes of branches and purification.


The American grégoires take back the rites of the procession and ash Wednesday to close the carnival week in joy and good mood and continue the emerging year under the best eyes. His Majesty Carnival "Gregorio" led by a swiss guard, a remains and a cobla, is followed by a parade of villagers dressed with white costumes and sharp hats, spreading flour on the population. His majesty carnival having been exhibited around the city, is then taken to the stake and burned in public place, surrounded by a wild farandole.


His majesty finally returned to the earth, the party ends with the great ball of white costumes and the traditional Tio-Tio, old catalan dance where participants, at the tail leu leu, try with a candle to ignite a paper attached in the Back of the one who before it. A ball closes the holidays late at night.