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Palalda... Discover a gem with each step

Small, picturesque little village, reputed as one of the sunniest in France, where the small, narrow, bougainvillea and Mediterranean plant filled streets leave you thinking of Italy. The friendliness of the inhabitants adds to that charm.


The name Palalda comes from a latin saying. "Palatium Dani" meaning "Palace of Dan". There is no doubt regarding the ancient original site of Palalda. During the Middle-Ages, we know there was a castle where the remains of a tower still stand dated from the XIII century.


Returning to form part of the Majorcan Kingdom at the end of the XIII century, ownership of the parish returned to the Aragon king in the middle of the XIV century, the King of France Louis XIII attacked and took Roussillon, which officially became French following signature of the treaty of the Pyrénées in 1659.

After becoming part of French territory, Palalda was invaded once more in 1793 during the last France-Spain war.


The following year, the French regained the lost erritory and pushed the Spanish back over the over side of the border.


The town of Palalda merged with the town of Amélie-les-Bains Palalda on the first of October 1942, thus ensuring that their future would follow the same path as the spa town.

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