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THE GUIDED TOURS of Amélie-les-Bains

Thanks to the guided tours offered by Pays d'Art et d'Histoire Transfrontalier, discover the village of Amélie-Les-Bains! Accompanied by a guide-Speaker you will discover the secrets of this place full of history.

Amélie-les-Bains, a city built around the hydrotherapy...

During this visit come and discover how the city was built around hot springs. From the benefits of hot springs from ancient times to the architecture of a resort city, through the whims of the tech, this visit traces the key moments that make the city of Amélie-les-Bains what it is today.

Duration of the visit: 2 hours.
Welcome and ticket office at the place of appointment.
Information and reservation at the tourist and spa office of Amélie-Les-Bains Palalda.
Phone number: 04 68 39 01 98
Prices: 5 €/person; discount*: 2,50 €/person; Free: -12 years

*This rate applies to students, job seekers, - 18 years old, and people who have already made a Pays d'Art et d'Histoire guided tour and have the loyalty card of Pays d'Art et d'Histoire. Evidence can be requested.